Himalayan Pine
Pinus wallichiana

Native to the Himalayas, this species is also grown in the United States for its gracefully drooping foliage and large decorative cones. These pines grow 30-50 m in height and have distinctive, long (12-18 cm), flexible needles grouped in fascicles, or bundles, of five. Its timber is used in construction and for the production of turpentine.

Habitat:Planted as an ornamental.
Growth Habit:It is a large evergreen tree with a straight trunk, growing near 70 m (200 ft) tall with an open crown and somewhat pyramidal shape. The short, downward-curving branches grow in regular whorls and spreading or pendulous branches. In its native habitat it grows at high altitudes, but is grown as an ornamental in temperate climates.
Bloom Time:Pollination occurs in mid-spring, but seeds don’t mature until the autumn of the second year.
Presence in US:DC IL MD NY PA VA
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